Corporate Identity for Amsterdam, Clercqstraat

The Clerqstraat is a street in Amsterdam in need of their own branding. Together with the city of Amsterdam they selected IMAGA to design and build their street’s branding. Main theme is the letter ‘Q’, defining the street.

Clercqstraat Street Branding Amsterdam

All designs and the strategy were created under the watchful eye of Marco Kramer together with art directors Jurjen Hofstra and Ronald Brouwer. In fast paced sessions we got to meet the entrepreneurs in the Clercq street and work with them to create a unique branding for the entire street.

The entire visual is always a big 'Q'

Clerq's Cozy Christmas

About the Clercqstraat

In the Clercqstraat Amsterdam you can find everything, from a concept store where everything revolves around boobs to a champagneria. Over the few last years, so many great new hotspots have located here. Read this blog to find out about the best hotspots to have lunch or dinner, drink coffee, have drinks and shop in the Clercqstraat in Amsterdam West. Have fun!

Featured Work

WokToGo National Website

WokToGo National Website

Together with our superfriends Paul and De Staat we performed the research, the strategy and the design for WokTogo, a national noodle chain in the Netherlands. We started out with Paul’s customer research and our very own Google Analytics research. Together with the CRO and Paul, Marco ran a Conversion Formula Session to gather new insights and understanding of the new strategy. Wireframes were developed and designs for mobile and desktop created.