Corporate Identity for Amsterdam, Bilderdijk

The shop owners in the Amsterdam Bilderdijk are united in a entrepreneurs group and work with the city of Amsterdam to manage the image of their street. Together they chose IMAGA to help design and build their brand. But how can you unite such a diverse street? The Bilderdijk street has a lot of different shops! We set forth to create highly visible brand that was build from small and large circles.

Bilderdijk Corporate Identity

The new Bilderijk branding on business cards for all the companies on the Bilderdijk.

Street Posters

Of course the Bilderdijk communicates to the people on the street as well.

Featured Work

WokToGo National Website

WokToGo National Website

Together with our superfriends Paul and De Staat we performed the research, the strategy and the design for WokTogo, a national noodle chain in the Netherlands. We started out with Paul’s customer research and our very own Google Analytics research. Together with the CRO and Paul, Marco ran a Conversion Formula Session to gather new insights and understanding of the new strategy. Wireframes were developed and designs for mobile and desktop created.