Care For Hair Hairsalons

For Care For Hair Netherlands we performed the Conversion Research and created a fitting Conversion Strategy. We crafted the wireframes where mobile is most important. Together with our friends From De Staat van Creatie the designs were made. Upon approval we build a super-fast new WordPress website that performs wonderfully well.

Customers liked using the new design

We could immediately see the customers liked using the new design: The bounce Rate (people leaving after visiting the homepage) dropped an astounding 39%! The entire website became 600% faster and Care For Hair noted an increase of +2.180% more visitors to the orderpage when we compare the numbers Year-Over-Year. Of course, this is not only our doing. Care For Hair is a super well run business and the company opened several new hair salons in Northern Holland.

The Care For Hair Team

We like to say don’t work for companies. We work with companies. Every step of the way the Care For Hair team helped with providing great feedback and insights in regards to their customers and business goals. The results are excellent.

Featured Work

WokToGo National Website

WokToGo National Website

Together with our superfriends Paul and De Staat we performed the research, the strategy and the design for WokTogo, a national noodle chain in the Netherlands. We started out with Paul’s customer research and our very own Google Analytics research. Together with the CRO and Paul, Marco ran a Conversion Formula Session to gather new insights and understanding of the new strategy. Wireframes were developed and designs for mobile and desktop created.