A New Website For CNCO Network

The Commercial Network Club ‘Oldenhove’ was in need of a new website. But what exactly is the difference between CNCO and all the other network-clubs? And could we make 30+ entrepreneurs agree on a single strategy?  Our Conversion Formula came to the rescue.

Zakendoen met een Fries hart!

Harry Kaspers, penningmeester CNCO

Sharing each other's knowledge, experience and network

Business club CNCO makes sure there is only company of every branch. This way there is no internal competition and all members can rely on a wide range of knowledge and experience from almost all branches.

Business Breakfast and Insightful Presentations

Featured Work

WokToGo National Website

WokToGo National Website

Together with our superfriends Paul and De Staat we performed the research, the strategy and the design for WokTogo, a national noodle chain in the Netherlands. We started out with Paul’s customer research and our very own Google Analytics research. Together with the CRO and Paul, Marco ran a Conversion Formula Session to gather new insights and understanding of the new strategy. Wireframes were developed and designs for mobile and desktop created.