Monitor key metrics and see what is (not) working on your website

Web Analytics Research helps us quickly locate revenue opportunities and customer- (or money) leaks with regards to on-site behavior and user technology.

Can you trust your Google Analytics data?

Google Analytics is used by almost all professional websites and probably by your site as well. Installing it is easy, configuring it… not so much. At least 90% of all Google Analytics installations are configured wrong or at least lacking. This makes it very hard to trust the data you’re seeing. We help you get clean and trustworthy data by configuring Google Analytics and telling it exactly what your website is for.


Visitors through
Google Search


More first-time


More use of new
on-site Search Tool

Research Medilex Onderwijs, first month of new website (compared to same period with old site in the previous year)

Google Analytics Audit

A Google Analytics Audit can be run in a few hours, depending on the complexity of your website. Unless your website’s Google Analytics account has been set up by experienced Google Analytics professionals it will probably contain incorrect settings. These might result in small errors (like measuring your own visits) to very large errors in reporting, such as double installations of Google’s tracking code, resulting in Google Analytics reporting each visitor and purchase twice.

Google Analytics Audit Pricing and Options

Google Analytics Configuration

Can you see what visitors exactly drove growth? We can.

Our Google Analytics Configuration services are perfect for website owners that want to be sure they are getting maximum value out of their Google Analytics account. Of course, we’ll note down all the errors we discovered during the Google Analytics Audit, but we’ll also take the time to talk to you, your marketing team and other specialists you might be hiring.

It’s important to know exactly why your website exists. What is it’s purpose? Lead-generation? E-commerce? Only then can we start to implement your Google Analytics account and configuration. We’ll make sure the important things get measured.

Google Analytics Configuration Pricing and Options

Better reporting for your Google Analytics, Search and other relevant data

Finding and understanding Google Analytics and Google Search data can be quite hard. Yes, all the data is there, but it’s still up to you to actually find the most important bits and pieces and make sense of it all, and even finding it can be hard.

Our interactive Data Dashboards are great for clients looking to get an understanding and grip on their most important Google Analytics and Google Search data. All your relevant website data is easily viewable and understandable.

Reporting and Dashboard Pricing and Options

Custom made to fit your needs

Our Dashboards can be made to fit an HD-Television, your monitor, or can even be A4 in size, making for easy printing. The dashboards help you quickly find out things such as: How much visitors is my website having this month, and is that better or worse than last month? What exactly did my customers search for on my website? Just how much revenue are visitors coming from Facebook generating? How many people searched for my company on Google this month? And much, much more…