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Conversion Optimization Services pay for themselves every time a customer visits your website. Select a service below or simply book a discovery call and together we’ll select the best Optimization Services for your goals.


What exactly do you need?

Usually the first thing we help companies and agencies with, is putting in place proper measure systems.

Why? Well, what get’s measured, get’s managed! If your web-analytics setup is faulty, you can’t measure your growth. Did you know 90% of Google Analytics setups are configured incorrectly, costing companies millions of revenue? We help you see what’s going happening on your website and inside Google.

Not sure if your website is set up correctly? Simply order a free Digital Analysis audits to see if we can find obvious errors. You’ll receive a video with a detailed audit. No strings attached.


Starting at

€ 499,-

We’ll work with your agency or in-house team to audit and configure your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, FaceBook pixels, E-commerce tracking and more. Of course, we work in accordance with the GDPR according to Dutch law. we’ve seen all kinds of set-ups, but if you need a GDPR specialist, we can help you with that as well.

  • Google Analytics, Tag Manager & Search configuration
  • Easy reporting with your custom dashboard
  • GDPR ready

* Price might change for larger websites.

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“Marco was a great help in walking me through the chaos that is Google Analytics. He identified a number of immediate ways to help us improve the effectiveness of our web site.”

David Travis, Managing director

Review by David

Research, Analyze and Advise

We’ll analyze your most important webpages, run qualitative research, web analytics and/or design surveys for quantitative data and also run tests with real customers. We will work with you to improve the strategy, the product-message for customers as well as the design. We’ll discover problems and growth drivers and transform your website. We help build a better digital experience for your customers. We don’t just find your website’s problems, but also advice how to fix them.

Certain strategy tasks, like the Conversion Formula Session or the Usability Expert Reviewcan be ready in one day. Others take more time to research and prepare. Whatever you select, we help you create the best possible digital experience.

Starting at

€ 720,-

Designers we work for get to focus on design based on customer data. This transforms their work. Now the entire design revolves around your client’s actual customers! Their goals, desires and fears. Gone are the opinions from every stakeholder-and-their-partner in the team. Our data is your shield.

Online marketeers or in-house teams love to increase leads for clients. We help them by fixing the problems that stop visitors from becoming a lead and by discovering growth drivers. All of it measured through a proper web-analytics set up.

  • Discover what is holding your customers back
  • A highly actionable prioritized plan
  • Find growth drivers and set up a growth plan

* Price might change for larger websites.

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“Good advice and lots of passion for his field. Our developers were updating our website ten minutes after Marco’s presentation of the issues”

Charlotte Bood, Marketing Manager MplusKASSA, Bolt B.V.

How do others experience working with us?

Agnes Dirksen
Agnes Dirksen, WaterAlliance Leeuwarden
Marco Kramer heeft in een korte tijd in heldere bewoording de ins and outs van Google Analytics uitgelegd. We zijn tot verrassende inzichten gekomen die ontzettend nuttig zijn en waarmee ... Verder lezen
Casper Höyng
Casper Höyng, Medilex Onderwijs Zeist
Lekker pragmatische aanpak. Geen bullshit, daar hou ik van!Ik heb nu verschillende projecten met Marco gedaan. Hij levert degelijke analyses en geeft heel concrete verbeter-ideeën. Mede dankzij de ... Verder lezen
David Travis
David Travis, Userfocus London, UK
…a great help in walking me through the chaos that is Google Analytics. He identified a number of immediate ways to help us improve the effectiveness of our web site.
Titus Klijsen
Titus Klijsen, Mexon Technology Leusden
Dank je voor de praktische aanpak, hier hebben we echt iets aan. Ook voor de kosten hoeven we dit niet te laten, ik zal je van harte aanbevelen en daar ... Verder lezen
Tarek Laarif
Tarek Laarif, Staat van Creatie Leeuwarden
Hele fijne partij om mee samen te werken. Verstand van zaken en duidelijk in de communicatie. Het duidelijke inzicht in strategie en vindbaarheid geeft ons als designpartij veel houvast.

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    If you want to fix your most important problems, you have to find them first

    Marco Kramer

    Research and good, clean data is key to making the right business decisions

    We view Conversion optimization work as a process. We don’t just assume what might be wrong and we certainly don’t just start ‘fixing’ and changing your website without doing the research first.