Conversion Optimization Pricing and Options

Conversion Optimization Services pay for themselves every time a customer visits your website. Select a service below or simply book a discovery call and together we’ll select the best Optimization Services for your goals.


Data Driven Growth Pack

The Data Driven Growth Pack is absolutely the best way to start measuring visitors the right way and to discover problems and growth drivers for your e-commerce or lead generation website. Did you know 90% of Google Analytics setups are configured incorrectly costing companies millions of revenue?

Don’t be that company. We’ll work with you and audit and configure your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, FaceBook pixels, E-commerce tracking and more. We’ll analyze your most important webpages, run qualitative tests with real customers and work with you to improve the strategy, the message for customers and the design. We’ll discover problems and growth drivers and transform your website.

€ 899,-

The Data Driven Growth Pack is a very affordable solution to discover obstacles your customers face while they are considering purchasing your products or services. When all the tracking services are set up correctly we typically find lot’s of hidden opportunities (and problems) in your data. We don’t just find your website’s problems, but also advice how to fix them.

  • Google Analytics, Tag Manager & Search configuration
  • Landing page Analysis & Strategy for Copy, Layout and more
  • Digital, Expert Review and Quantitative User Analysis

* Price per month. Three month minimum. Price might change for larger websites.

UX & Usability Starter Pack

The UX & Usability Starter Pack is absolutely the fastest way to find usability problems for desktop and mobile users on your website. Build a better digital experience for your customers. The Usability Expert Review works as an Instant Sanity Check and provides a clear set of your website’s specific pain points. (We also call it the ‘Hygiene Factor”).

We’ll combine this with Web Analytics Research to gather quantitive data of your visitors and help build a better digital experience with more focus using the Conversion Formula Session.

€ 899,-

The UX & Usability Starter Pack is a great way to run a usability report, to see how people are using your website and how well it’s reaching it goal. We’ll discover opportunities and issues in your Google Analytics and bring massive focus on your customers desires and fears with our Conversion Formula.

  • Usability Expert Review
  • Google Analytics Insights & Quick Wins
  • Conversion Formula Session

* Price per month. Two month minimum. Price might change for larger websites.

Conversion Optimization Pack

This package combines everything from the Data Driven Growth Pack and UX & Usability Starter Pack and adds a proper Conversion Optimization Plan for your website. After discovering all the issues and growth opportunities we put a testing- en prioritization plan in place. We’ll create mobile and desktop wireframes and work to solve the issues your customers face and presenting the opportunities. We work closely with your developers or designers to create the best possible digital experiences. We’ll A/B test the new pages and measure how successful they are.

€ 1798,-

The Conversion Optimization Pack not only includes both the Data Driven Growth Pack and UX & Usability Starter Pack, but also helps you implement solutions to issues and growth drivers. We help you create the new and optimized digital experiences.

  • Data Driven Growth Pack and UX & Usability Starter Pack
  • For new digital experiences
  • Testing- and prioritization plan

* Price per month. Three month minimum. Price might change for larger websites.

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Digital Dashboard for Google Analytics & Google Search
Your data is beautiful. Use it. Unlock the power of your data with interactive dashboards and beautiful reports to discover your most important Google Analytics and Google Search data insights.
Google Analytics Audit & Health Check
90% of all installations are set incorrectly and are reporting bad data. Audit your Google Analytics set-up and get the right kind of tracking.
Conversion Formula Session
This unique session aligns insights and experiences of your customer with our human behavior model to maximize engagement and focus.
SEO-Audit with Google Search Insights
An advanced SEO-scan and audit of your website plus important insights from SEO-Data. From keyword research to trends and your SEO-competition.
Brandkey and Archetype Branding Strategy (2 Sessions)
Build a real brand and maximize the connection with your customers. Based on the Unilever Brandkey model combined with Archetype brand psychology.
Web Analytics Research (Google Analytics)
Quickly locate revenue opportunities and customer- (or money) leaks with regards to on-site behavior and user technology.
Usability Expert Review
A side-wide systematic identification of usability improvements and an excellent way to identify your website (or app’s) problems.
Technical Analysis and Speed Optimization (WP or HTML)
A technical analysis to check what can be improved for your website, it's content and it's server’s speed
Google Analytics Configuration
Line up Google Analytics with your website's purpose and measure all the important things. Get maximum value out of your Google Analytics account.
Quantitative Digital Analysis
Find bugs and problems with your website’s design, copy, and technology. Based on browsing behavior of 1.000's of your customers.
Remote User Testing
Test your website with real (remote) testers and our test-scripts. We analyze their behavior and motivation to discover why users do what they do.
Conversion Expert Review
Improve your customer's motivation and deploy consumer-psychology when visitors are considering buying from you, or contacting your company.
Assisted User Testing
Discover problems and opportunities with your website by testing it with real people. All tests are monitored, recorded and the behavior is analyzed.

Research and good, clean data is key to making the right business decisions

We view Conversion optimization work as a process. We don’t just assume what might be wrong and we certainly don’t just start ‘fixing’ and changing your website without doing the research first.

If you want to fix your most important problems, you have to find them first