Conversion Strategy: Grow your business around your customers

Implement our Research Insights into actionable strategies designed around your customers’ needs and wishes.

Our Conversion Strategy services are designed to help you focus your website, your marketing messages, your designs (and even your brand) based on the conversion- and big data-insights of your best customers.


  •  Who is your customer?

  •  What motivates them?

  •  What goals are they trying to reach?

  •  And how can your company help them best?


Our Conversion Strategy services help you implement the Conversion Research data and make the strategical choices to best align your products and services with your customers. We always aim for maximum impact on the resources you have available. Below are our Conversion Strategy Services:

Conversion Formula

Our Conversion Formula is perfect if you’re starting a new website or if you wish to quickly improve an existing one. The Conversion Formula combines your experiences with our human behavior model and helps you view it through the eyes of your customers.

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Conversion Expert Review

A Conversion Expert Review is a highly detailed review and audit of your website where we analyze your key website pages specifically with regards to the psychology of conversion using neuromarketing amongst others. The Conversion Expert Review focuses specifically on the “7 steps to Conversion” your customer goes through when she is purchasing.

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Brandkey and Archetype Branding Strategies (Session)

A good looking logo is nice, but it will never be a real brand. Because a great brand is so much more than just a logo! A brand also provides meaning. It’s a world in and of itself. Your customers’ world.

Being a real brand allows your customers to not just recognize – but to also build a bound – with your company. Become more than “just another supplier”.

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Maximize the connection and your succes

Our Brandkey and Archetype sessions aim to maximize the connection and your success at first sight. Only brands achieve deep and enduring differentiation and relevance by embodying timeless archetypal meaning people can connect to instantly.

Products are made in the factory, but brands are made in the mind

Walter Landor

On-the-fly Personalization of websites

On-the-fly website Personalization is the latest and greatest technique your website can implement. Based on our Conversion Research Insights and data we help you create multiple digital experiences for your website visitors to convince each one with a tailored experience and reach maximum revenue.

Website Personalization

Website Personalization can help you give each type of visitor their own version of your website to appeal to all of them. Because, as you know, you don’t have one type of visitor. There are first-timers, repeat-visitors, logged in customers, locals, and more. But there are also other factors; mobile users, late-night visitors, bad weather… All these variables can have their own digital experience.

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