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Usability testing help identify the specific information your customers need to complete their purchase. Exactly what is holding your customers back? You can find out fast.

Usability solutions for all types of websites

Running usability tests doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Our Expert Review Usability reports use modern principals of psychology and internationally recognized frameworks. They are highly detailed and will show you exactly what parts of your website or app can be improved. Our more extensive Usability User Testing reports are based on real users of your website and testing with just 5 users can reveal 80% of your website’s problems.


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Usability Expert Review: the most affordable and fastest form of usability testing

Our Usability Expert Review is a site-wide systematic identification of usability improvements and an excellent way to identify your website (or app’s) problems. The Usability Expert Review is fast and cost-effective and works as an instant sanity check for your website.

Usability Expert Review Pricing and Options

Quantitative Digital Analysis to Visualizing behavior

Quantitative Digital Analysis helps you quickly understand important questions:

  •  What’s going wrong?

  •  And where exactly?

Our Quantitative Digital Analysis and User Research help visualize your website visitors behavior. The browsing behavior of hundreds of your customers visiting your website is captured in high definition recordings while they are using your website, using their desktop, tablet or mobile.

How much do your customers even see?

We can analyze their personal behavior, as well as their cumulative, collective behavior. An excellent way to find bugs and locate problems with your design, your copy, and even your website’s technology.

Digital Analysis Pricing and Options

"User Testing with real people helps you find out the 'why' and 'what' inside a customers head"

Marco Kramer

Remote User Testing

User Testing can also be performed with actual, real customers in their own location, worldwide. We discover problems and opportunities on your website or app by first studying your website and composing a script for the testers to use. The testers actions are recorded, as they think aloud and follow the tasks in the script. Their behavior and motivation are analyzed by us afterward.

We can use remote testers from all over the world or use testers from your customer base. This kind of testing is fast and affordable.

Remote User Testing Pricing and Options

Assisted User Testing

Assisted User Testing is the absolute best way to discover problems and opportunities. When we perform user testing on your (or a competitor’s) website, we can monitor the testers and immediately take action when we spot a problem or opportunity.  Remember: we want to know exactly what’s going on in their head.

Assisted User Testing Pricing and Options

We don't ask 'why', we observe and analyze

It’s important to remember people often don’t really know exactly why they did what they did. By being there with them, while they are performing the tasks we provided, we can analyze their behavior on the spot and discover more insights. Even though the testing is recorded we also take notes of their behavior, personality, environment and whatever else might be important.