Brandkey and Archetype Branding Session helps your customers connect

The Brandkey and Archetype Branding Session helps you build a real brand, not just a logo. The unique combination of the Brandkey along with the Archetype strategy makes for a perfect foundation for your new or improved brand.

Brandkey Strategy

Our Brandkey Methode has been tried and tested and is based on the original Brandkey, as it was first developed by Unilever in the Netherlands. As companies we all face the same difficulty: Whether you run a restaurant, a fulfillment company, sell congresses, sushi or even peanut butter, like Unilever… we all need to differentiate ourselves from the competition. During the Brandkey Session, we help you become an authentic brand based on your strengths and your roots.

A good brand can build a connection with the right audience and let them see and experience your company almost as if it is a real person.

Marco Kramer

Archetype Branding

We combine the Brandkey Session with Archetype Branding to make sure your branding is positioned in the best possible way. No longer do customers need to guess what your brand stands for!

Brandkey and Archetype Pricing and Options

How long does a session take?

A Brand Key and Archetype Session usually takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. Afterwards we’ll process all the notes we made during the session and order all the insights and data we gathered. The answers and information you provided help us select the right archetype for your business and customers.

After we processed the first session we’ll report back to you for part 2 of your session, where we present your Brand Key and the Archetype(s) we feel suits your company, your products, and your clients desires best. There are many different types of archetypes and as such, there is no right or wrong here. We try to match the insights we received with the best-suited archetype for your company’s image and customers goals.

The benefits of the Brand Key and Archetype Branding:

  •  Define your Brand in an easy-to-read form

  •  Differentiate and Position your Brand

  •  Show what your Brand stands and cares for

  •  Help customers connect and build loyalty

After the session, you can design and build your brand to differentiate from the competition and start of positioning your product, service or company the way you want. Don’t let your potential customer guess what your company is about and maximize the mindset of the customer.

Request a Brand Key and Archetype Session now

Exactly how much a Brand Key costs will depend on several things. This service consists of two separate sessions where the Archetype Session follows the Brand Key session. Both sessions can be run for either your company’s Brand as a whole or for a specific product or service. We’d love to help you along. Feel free to check out the options.

Brandkey and Archetype Pricing and Options

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