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    We view Conversion optimization work as a process. We don’t just assume what might be wrong and we certainly don’t just start ‘fixing’ and changing your website without doing the research first.

    Step 1: Usability Research

    All optimization jobs start with researching the usability of your website. There’s no point in optimizing a website that contains serious usability issues. We call it the “Hygiene Factor.” We offer different Usability Research Services with extremely competitive pricing.

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    Step 2: Web Analytics Research using Google Analytics

    Most websites have Google Analytics installed. We advise a Google Analytics Audit & Health Check, as 90% of all installations are set incorrectly and are reporting bad data. After the audit, we start with a clean set up and discuss your business goals to build the right kind of tracking inside Google Analytics. You can rest assured your reports actually make sense.

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    Step 3: Google Search: Finding Insights in SEO-Data

    By accessing Google Search Data we can find relevant keywords your potential customers might use as well as discover international, national and sometimes even regional data-trends. We can look for the exact wording and see who your SEO-competitors are. We can also run a detailed SEO-analysis of your entire website and find problems that are holding your website’s SEO-ranking down.

    Google Search Data Reports Pricing and Options

    Step 4: Technical Analysis and Speed Optimization

    Most websites that need optimizing also benefit from a technical analysis and speed optimization. Our Full Stack Developer will perform a technical analysis to check your website and server’s speed and other specific technical problems like different browsers, operating systems, and other technical quirks.

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