Match your site to your customers with the Conversion Formula

All steps of the Conversion Formula have been specifically designed to make your website match your visitor’s behavior and get them to engage.

It’s great if you are looking for a quick method to begin a new website, or if you need to improve an existing one fast.

Connect to your customers fast

During the Conversion Formula session, we will get ‘inside the head’ of your potential customer. It’s a real knowledge transfer and discovery process. Your company has years of experience with customers and we’ll extract and distill your companies experiences, key-insights and knowledge quickly and efficiently because we aim to get the website to reflect the company.

  •  Who is your customer?

  •  What motivates your customer?

  •  Why should they buy from you?

The session is specifically designed around our Human Behavior Model, so all the insights are aligned and shown in the best possible way to get your website-users to convert.

Make your website about your customers again

Limited spots (only 2 per week)

Focus on your customers

Are you new to this kind of optimization work? Maybe even a bit skeptical? Or just in a hurry with deadlines fast approaching? Then this session is just the thing you need.

Our Conversion Formula (also known as “Client Focus Session” by some agencies we help) is a fast-paced session, specifically designed to reach a maximum understanding of your (desired) customer.

A True Human Behavior Model:
C= 4M +3V + 2(i-f)-2A

We match the input with our Human Behavior model and, in doing so, lay the foundation for your website’s improved Information Architecture and content for your most important pages (such as your Home Page). Our methods help focus your marketing message, your website, your landing pages, and even your services around your customers’ desires, their needs and even their fears.

Conversion Formula Pricing and Options

For involved and caring company owners, Creatives, Sales- and Marketing Managers

We have run the Conversion Formula for a wide range of clients; from large steel-manufacturers and fulfillment companies to international web-agencies.

There is one catch: we can only run this fast-paced session with experienced managers or involved and caring company owners, sales managers or employees from support. There is simply no substitute for real experience with actual customers. We need input from the people “on the front-line with their feed in the mud”.

Distill your Experience

The Conversion Formula distills the experience you or your employees have with your clients and aligns the insights with our Human Behavior model. If we were to run it for companies with inexperienced or uncaring people, it would fail.

Conversion Formula Pricing and Options

If you care about your company or organization and the customers you serve, we’d love to work with you an improve your website or landing pages.

Marco Kramer

When we finish the session you'll have a thorough understanding of exactly:

  •  Where the focus needs to be

  •  What needs to change

  •  What’s missing

… on your website and in order to maximize persuasion of your customers.

Deliverables and the next steps

After the session, we’ll get to work with the notes and all the data we collected. Within several days you’ll receive a detailed digital report for your Sales- or Marketing employees to check, add or adjust if needed.


When all stakeholders added their last input you’re ready to start optimizing your website or landing pages according to the strategy of the report. First order of business is usually the Information Architecture and the content of the key pages. You or your team can start working on this yourself, or you can team up with us and we’ll help you optimizing your website to maximize conversions. 

Conversion Formula Pricing and Options

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our great clients are saying:

Alexandra Giannelou
Alexandra Giannelou, Netstudio Athens, Greece
Marco is a passionate professional and speaker and I did enrich my knowledge in conversion optimization by watching his presentations and listening to his experiences!
Casper Höyng
Casper Höyng, Medilex Onderwijs Zeist
Lekker pragmatische aanpak. Geen bullshit, daar hou ik van!Ik heb nu verschillende projecten met Marco gedaan. Hij levert degelijke analyses en geeft heel concrete verbeter-ideeën. Mede dankzij de ... Verder lezen
Cor Procee
Cor Procee, Proceed Law Webish ICT
Absoluut dé specialist op het gebied van conversie, maar bovenal een enthousiaste en meedenkende professional!
George Mastros
George Mastros, NetStudio Athenes, GR
I had a great collaboration with IMAGA and I have to say that the level of expertise is on the highest level, compared to the other companies I've worked with.
Izaac De Vries
Izaac De Vries, Masterlijk Onderwijs Leeuwarden
Super samenwerking. Duidelijke structuur en aan de hand van deze structuur snel een goeie functionele website gemaakt! Daarnaast snelle reactie op kleine aanpassingen totdat alles naar volledig naar wens is! ... Verder lezen
Jaap Everts
Jaap Everts, Ceress Foods Harlingen
Marco heeft een to-the-point strategie en product/service bedacht waarmee we direct aansluiting vinden bij huidige en toekomstige zakenpartners. We kwamen 'binnen'. Hij ontwierp samen met ons de strategie en ... Verder lezen
Jan Boonstra
Jan Boonstra, Camping Kuinderloo Appelscha
Na een gedegen inventarisatie heeft Marco de toekomstmogelijkheden voor onze recreatievereniging gepresenteerd. We hebben op grond hiervan goede toekomstplannen kunnen maken. Bovendien heeft hij voor ons een prachtige advertentielijn uitgezet! ... Verder lezen
Makelaardij Hoekstra
Makelaardij Hoekstra, Makelaardij Hoekstra Leeuwarden
Marco weet waar hij over praat. We zitten midden in een traject maar hij voorziet ons van gedegen onderzoek en geeft gebaseerd daarop strategisch advies. Op naar een optimaal resultaat!
Ray Bryant
Ray Bryant, Bio Design International Inc. Sacremento, CA, USA
Imaga and Marco are absolute professionals. They not only understand design, everything they do is designed so support website conversion.
René Wilkens
René Wilkens, Mannen van Staal Leeuwarden
Na gedegen onderzoek, veel contact over en weer en de juiste inzet is de nieuwe website van Mannen van Staal een feit. We zijn erg tevreden met het resultaat!
Ronald Pronk
Ronald Pronk, Jitty Hair & Makeup Amsterdam
Marco Kramer heeft een concept wat werkt. Door de ogen van de klant kijken en uitzoeken hoe de wensen en behoefte van de klanten zo goed mogelijk ingevuld kunnen worden. ... Verder lezen