Persuasive designs built around your customers and their tasks

We want your new designs to be based on customer’s insights. We want your visitors to know exactly what it is they can do on your website and if that is what they are looking for.

Why do you need Persuasive Web Design?

We talk about Persuasive Web Design when we create designs based on the insights and data we uncovered during your Conversion Research. When we combine these with the latest persuasive techniques, the magic happens. It all starts with a focus on your customers. We’ll let that guides us when we start improving your website’s design.

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Persuasive designs answer your customers specific questions in a heartbeat

  • Who is your customer?

  • What motivates them?

  • What goals are they trying to reach?

  • And how can your company help them best?

How does Persuasive Design work? Clarity Above All!

We want your new designs to be very specific. The same goes for your buttons, your Call-To-Actions, photos and other elements. Because we know: A strong visual appearance combined with a low visual complexity matters to your customers.

For our clients and agencies

Your customers aren’t looking to be wowed for the sake of being wowed. On their PC, tablet but especially on their mobile, they have a task to complete. We’ll make sure your website communicates back just what they are looking for.

We create web-designs (but also help agencies create persuasive designs) with a familiar layout and a clear hierarchy so moving through the website feels natural and becomes easy.

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A new and optimized Information Architecture

Our Information Architecture process helps you organize your content in a way that makes it easy for your customers to hone into the specific content they’re seeking. We can help you redefine the way your website is structured to make sure the ‘Red Routes’ (the most important Customer Journeys) are highly visible and your services or products are clearly labeled and communicate their value and what makes your company unique.

Wireframing solutions for your customers

We wireframe key-pages of your new designs for mobile- and larger screens. We do this to make sure every stakeholder is on the same page before we start working on the actual design. This way we can work much more efficient, as working on the designs always takes up a lot of time. All of our wireframes show what comes where and when and are a great way to communicate with everyone on the team.

Webdesign for different screens and different tasks

Of course, our designs are beautiful. We incorporate our love for ‘Dutch Design’ (minimalist, innovative, humorous and quirky if appropriate) with ‘User-Task-First’ based on our Conversion Research. We’ve worked for lots of agencies, brands and companies, mid-size to large.

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"Designing without data is just decoration"

Marco Kramer

Stop Searching and Comparing and start profiting.

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    Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our great clients are saying:

    Anja Jager
    Anja Jager, Sijs Eten & Drinken Dwingeloo
    Marco weet prima onze ideeën, waar wij voor staan, en wie wij zijn te vertalen. Een uitstekend vakman!
    Izaac De Vries
    Izaac De Vries, Masterlijk Onderwijs Leeuwarden
    Super samenwerking. Duidelijke structuur en aan de hand van deze structuur snel een goeie functionele website gemaakt! Daarnaast snelle reactie op kleine aanpassingen totdat alles naar volledig naar wens is! ... Verder lezen
    Paul Budding
    Paul Budding, RegiOnline Amsterdam
    Denkt continu vanuit de eindgebruiker, is goed op de hoogte van usability, durft kritisch te zijn en weet complexe dingen opvallend eenvoudig te visualiseren. Kortom; zeer waardevol voor iedere professionele ... Verder lezen
    Peter Dekker
    Peter Dekker,
    Marco geeft ons en onze klanten inzicht in hoe bezoekers zich op de website gedragen. Door pragmatisch naar cijfers, design en informatie-archtitectuur te kijken, worden er conversieverhoging gerealiseerd!
    Ray Bryant
    Ray Bryant, Bio Design International Inc. Sacremento, CA, USA
    Imaga and Marco are absolute professionals. They not only understand design, everything they do is designed so support website conversion.