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“What if I need website-development?” We develop WordPress websites, either Custom Build or Template Based. If you are unsure what you need, just book a quick and totally free 15-minute chat.

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WordPress: Custom Build or Template Based

We can deliver both fully custom build WordPress websites as well as template-based websites. We take both options to the max and focus on serving your business needs and your client’s objectives. Read more to find out what WordPress build suits your project best.

When do you need a custom Build WordPress website?

Custom WordPress builds are ideal for your project if you have done the research and made the designs. You are looking for maximum freedom and don’t want to compromise on the way your website looks, functions or performs (speed!). Custom WordPress websites can be fully tailored to your wishes and will set you apart from template-based websites.

  • No limitations on graphics and functionality

    Maximum freedom and total control to realize your vision

  • Flexible and can grow with you

    Updates to the design and functionality can be implemented easier

  • Easier to update as WordPress is updated

    No dependence on the template developers

  • Better Search engine optimization

    All data is easily measured and not enclosed inside a page builder

  • Fast. Speed optimization out-of-the-box

    Less code means a faster website. Templates are ‘one size fits all’

What about Template Based WordPress websites?

Templates based WordPress websites are only as good as the template they are based on. It goes without saying not all templates are created equal. We work solely with one of the most popular WordPress Themes of all time. A Theme that is so diverse it’s actually more of a framework: The internationally awarded and best-selling X-Theme that holds 4 styles and 20 different designs.

  • Less expensive than custom sites

    A lot of the design and development options have been made and set

  • Very fast to build and implement

    We start each website with one of the four designs inside X-Theme

  • Well-designed and robust

    And the ability for a reasonable amount of customization

  • No coding: a visual Builder for pages

    Easily change the layout of pages or update photo’s and text yourself

  • Includes over 20 Extensions (plugins)

    Add extra functionality to your website for free

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Experienced WordPress development

We are very experienced in both custom and theme based WordPress development and consistently deliver secure, standards compliant code that powers beautiful mobile responsive designs crafted to drive engagement, increase conversions, and express your brand and vision.

A transparant process

Our development process is very transparent and guarantees you understand all the work that’s being done for your website. All our projects are run in Trello. You are provided with a login and can remain up-to-date to all the stages of development.

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