Does IMAGA work for free?

We want to support starting entrepreneurs and offer free coaching for online- and marketing projects. We also have an agency-discount, as we understand you do a lot of work in order to reach clients and win gigs. Charities and NGO’s can ask for a special discount. We look at each case individually.

“I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying"

 Jeff Bezos, Amazon

My website leaks money!

Can IMAGA do conversion research (or more) for free for my website?

We will not work for free. That includes so-called “pitches”, where we are asked to do our research and/or design work for free in order to ‘demonstrate our competence’ and – maybe – win the job. We also don’t work for free because it’s ‘good for our portfolio’ or because ‘you’ll tell all your business-friends about us and that will surely bring in some work.’ We do provide a free Technical Audit.

We provide a free Technical Audit, No Strings attached

Marco Kramer

Ask for a FREE Technical Audit

Is your website is in need of improvement? Simply request a Free Technical Audit for your website. The free Audit is a quick technical inspection of your website, where we see if we can identify technical problems, check for data-analysis issues and give our honest impression of your site’s design and possible flaws.

This is a good way to get to know us, it’s totally free and we’ll have the opportunity to meet, either in person or remote through video-chat, as we share our findings. An appointment usually takes up to half an hour and is free of charge.

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    There is always someone willing to do it cheaper

    We understand, we really do. You don’t get to do website-redesign and optimizations very often. So how are you suppose to know if we charge a fair price? And then there’s always “that nephew”. You know, the one who can also “make a website”. Plus there’s a ton of blog-posts out there, telling you how to fix your website. It’s all very confusing.

    It's not just the price. You actually have a lot fears, don't do?

    But do we charge a fair price for our services? Of course, we feel we do, but that’s not really the answer you’re looking for, now is it? To make matters worse, if you’re only thinking about money, let us remind you about some of the other fears you will have. Maybe you haven’t even thought about all of them yet.

    “You should worry about more than just the price”

    If we look closely at your considerations about hiring us, it’s not just the price you should be worried about. Even if the price is just right, you will also have some fear and uncertainty with regards to the quality of our work, and rightfully so. In fact, if we were really, really dirt-cheap it would add to your fears about our quality! “Those guys can’t be any good! They only charge penny’s!” And you’d be right. Then again if we were to charge to high heaven, we would miss out of a lot of local and national businesses. Not everyone lives in Silicon Valley and us Dutchies are not fond of parting with our money, as the whole world knows. We price accordingly.

    Are we reliable?

    All this talk about your fears might be a little unsettling. But, we know of some more fears that might be holding you back! Even if the price is right and you trust the quality of our work, it also very important we are reliable. You’ve got deadlines and a boss that is looking for results. How can you really know if we are reliable? Will we deliver on time? Oh man, all this is becoming really hard for you, isn’t it? Should we stop? Or can we find another fear with regards to working with us?

    Is it save to work with us?

    Actually, we can think of another fear. You also need to consider this: “Is it safe to work with us?” in this day and age with the GDPR (or AVG for Dutchies), it is very important to know if your business-partner can be trusted with your data. We know. We work for lawyers, several GDPR-companies, schools and national organizations with lots of data. And we keep a tight lid on all of it. It might be a bit more troublesome for you, as we’ll never just send you an email with passwords. No sir. We’ve got strict protocols for sensitive data.

    You have quite a lot of fears actually

    We think you probably never read some much about fear on a page regarding prices. But please understand prices are closely related to trust and fear. We know, because both are a major part of our strategic sessions and User Experience research! By providing you with these insights we actually gave you a little peek behind the curtain of our own unique Conversion Optimization Research and process. Because… your customers have the exact same set of fears when they are considering buying from (or working with) you! When you choose to work with us we will find and work on all of your customers fears.

    Total freedom, nothing less

    And just because we trust ourselves, we always offer all our clients the option to walk away from any job they send our way. No questions asked, even if the work is almost completed. We bound with our clients by giving them total freedom. (Of course they do need to pay for the work that was done up until the point of abandonment). Did this freedom give us any trouble? No. No one has ever walked away halfway through a project.

    Stop worrying, start profiting.

    Claim your FREE technical website audit today

      Limited spots (only 2 per week)