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Marco Kramer loves to share, teach, demonstrate and talk about his profession, technology trends and the impact they can have on us as people. Marco has done local, national and international presentations, group-consults and even teaches classes on topics such as User Experience, Conversion Optimization, ‘Big data’, advertising and more.

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Guest lecture at Friesland College

What’s it like to work for big brands at a design agency? Did you know they don’t actually sell designs, but something else? What kind of people work there and how exactly do they work? The marketing-students of the Friesland College at Leeuwarden got to find out! Besides working at an agency Marco also explained the hidden truth behind branding. Marco demonstrated this using examples from well known brands such as Mercedes and Volvo, but also Red Bull and even Smirnoff Vodka.

Speaking at the Adobe User Group

The Adobe User Group Netherlands is the largest community of creative professionals in the Netherlands, with over 6000 members, that work on everything creative: from concept, design, and development for the web- and print-industry. The goal of the Adobe User Group is to exchange ideas, techniques, to inspire and to meet new people from your profession. Marco helped organize several meetings and presented talks about User Experience and Usability.

Marco has presented for:
Lions Club Leeuwarden
ROC Friese Poort
Friesland College

Your Business or Network Club

We have special presentations for Business Clubs or local networks. Marco is a regular speaker for CNCO and has held presentations for other business clubs such as The Lions Club Leeuwarden, SCCF (Seniorenconvent Commerciële Club Friesland) as well as other non-profit organizations.

Talking and teaching kids

Marco enjoys helping teachers, teens, and kids learn about topics such as design, internet and how they can learn to use them for their own benefit. Giving a peek behind the curtain of everyday work at an agency, getting kids enthusiastic about becoming a designer, a developer or working in marketing and user experience. Marco has taught classes and presented at MBO Friese Poort and local elementary school “De Sprong”.

Speaking for VosLibert

Marco organized a lot of talks and training sessions for the creatives, the studio and the entire company of VosLibert during his decade as an employee. Topics ranged from User Experience analysis of other websites such as The Dollar Shave Club, the advantages of Infographics, Advertising Trends, using Certified PDF, Adobe Creative Suite and more.

Don't just take our word for it...

Alexandra Giannelou
Alexandra Giannelou, Netstudio Athens, Greece
Marco is a passionate professional and speaker and I did enrich my knowledge in conversion optimization by watching his presentations and listening to his experiences!
Guy van der Valk
Guy van der Valk, Adobe User Group NL Amsterdam
Ik ken Marco al jaren als een professional met passie voor het vak. Voor de Adobe User Group is Marco meerdere malen mede-organisator geweest van events in Groningen, en in ... Verder lezen
Anouk van Zuijlen
Anouk van Zuijlen, Groningen
Een super presentatie gehad, het was duidelijk en je gaat anders tegen bepaalde dingen aan kijken.
Elwin Feddema
Elwin Feddema, Idem Ditto Leeuwarden
Ik heb kennis gemaakt met Marco Kramer op de Adobe Publishing Day. Hier gaf hij met een frisse kijk een verhelderende presentatie over de User Experience (gebruiksvriendelijkheid) van digitale media. ... Verder lezen
George Mastros
George Mastros, NetStudio Athenes, GR
I had a great collaboration with IMAGA and I have to say that the level of expertise is on the highest level, compared to the other companies I've worked with.
Sander Renkema
Sander Renkema, Founder Junction (VosLibert) Leeuwarden
Marco is een gedreven vakman, met grote technische know how en enthousiast voor zijn vak. Gaat graag op zoek nieuwe mogelijkheden en toepassingen op zijn vakgebied. Deelt dat online ook ... Verder lezen