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Thinking is to humans as swimming is to cats, we only do it when we have to

Marco Kramer

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Marco Kramer

Marco Kramer

Marco Kramer

Google Analytics Qualified Individual Google AdWords Certified ConversionXL Certified Optimizer Usability Expert Website Usability and User Experience Professional

For IMAGA’s clients I help discover valuable insights regarding their visitors and customers. I enjoy sitting behind my Mac and sketchpad and work out new experiences, but I strongly feel the new experiences I create with my client or his agency should always be grounded in our clients’ users and costumers their data. Therefore finding the right insights, errors and growth opportunities is what I love doing.

Focus on what matters

You and I live in a fast-paced, ever changing world that can often be confusing. I believe my focus should therefore always be on factors that remain constant and relevant, even in this fast-paced digital world we live in today. Possibilities, trends and new idea’s keep showing up every day, but it’s important to keep in mind they always revolve around the same constant: our human nature.

We must never forget our visitors and website or app users are real humans, with human desires, goals and fears. That’s exactly why I continue to learn, discover and tune into the right needs and ‘Key User Tasks’ the visitors of my client’s website wish to carry out.

Desires and Goals

I focus on the (hidden) desires and goals of your website’s visitors and customers. We’ll let those desires and goals guide the technology and your branding. This is called Human Centered Design. In short: At IMAGA we solve problems by focusing on the people your company or organization works for. Everything from your branding to your optimized websites is created out of matching your visitors and customer’s desires with your own business’s goals.

Your brand message

This philosophy works it way though to our branding work as well. We use modern methodes to discover the best combination of your company’s essence and match those to customer’s mental models to finetune your brand-message with the hidden desires of your customers. The result is a original branding, rooted in your team and your company’s history. Your customers see an authentic, real brand with a and distinctive character, that differentiates your company from the competition. That is how you can really connect and grow with your customers.

Google Analytics Certified Individual
ConversionXL Certified Optimizer
Google Adwords
Qredits Coach
Odilio Witteveen

Odilio Witteveen

Odilio Witteveen

Full stack WordPress Developer Google Analytics Qualified Individual Optimization Professional

Together with Marco Kramer I create WordPress theme’s that are beautiful, easy to use and offcourse pretty fast on every device.

Using insights gathered from various analytics sources, I help our clients into getting more Conversions or giving their visitors a better experience on their website by tweaking various parts of their journey.

Getting your site at 1.8s

By using proven web standards and insights provided by Marco Kramer’s UX expertise, I make fast sites even faster by optimizing critical parts of the website.

Most websites use only a fraction of optimization which overall mean less conversion. By optimizing websites to their fullest potential the clients’ of IMAGA get higher position at a Google search and in turn get more Conversion on their site.

The future is Open Source

As a developer I strongly believe that Open Source is the future of coding and by using Open Source components in the websites I build or collaborate on, the project itself stays more transparent.

Offcourse, being Open Source and all, you can view what I wrote here at GitHub.

Google Optimize
Google Analytics Certified Individual

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Edwin Hollander
Edwin Hollander, Het B2B Marketing bureau van Tech-Bedrijven Leeuwarden
Top expert op het gebied van Google Analytics. Werk graag met Marco samen om de conversies bij klanten te optimaliseren.
Jelle Jansma
Jelle Jansma, Elfskot Drachten
Ondanks dat Marco wist dat we op korte termijn geen zaken gingen doen, heeft Marco ons toch bijzonder goed geholpen met goede tips en tricks over onze website. Thnx Marco, ... Verder lezen
Peter Villevoy
Peter Villevoy, Studea Utrecht
Een mooie soepele website en een goede klantervaring komen niet uit de lucht vallen. Daar moet hard en serieus aan gewerkt worden ! Imaga helpt je dat te bereiken, reëel ... Verder lezen
Theresa Hoogland
Theresa Hoogland, TheResales Groningen
Wij zijn zeer tevreden over onze samenwerking met Imaga. Een prettig contact, grote deskundigheid en prachtig eind resultaat. Imaga maakt het waar..
YnzeHoekstra, Drukkerij Hoekstra Sint Annaparochie
De juiste man voor webanalyse op maat in een helder overzicht!
Sander Renkema
Sander Renkema, Founder Junction (VosLibert) Leeuwarden
Marco is een gedreven vakman, met grote technische know how en enthousiast voor zijn vak. Gaat graag op zoek nieuwe mogelijkheden en toepassingen op zijn vakgebied. Deelt dat online ook ... Verder lezen

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Marco Kramer

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