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Your Website’s A Leaky Bucket – Leaking Your Profit

Whether you're a creative agency, a webshop or an online marketer, you’re not alone – you face the same challenges and problems with your website.

  • You know your website is losing money, but where exactly?
  • You know you should be data-driven, but you lack in-depth knowledge and resources to execute
  • You have the data but you can’t increase revenue
  • You know the market is changing fast and it’s hard to keep up

Stop Guessing, Start Measuring.
Less Art, More Science.

Correctly configuring your analytics can reveal issues that you didn’t even know you had – leading to accurate and actionable data insights, hidden revenue, and larger profit margins.


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  • Know that you can trust your data so you can make evidence-based decisions
  • Discover instant insights into where your website is broken––losing you customers and money
  • Remove the guesswork from your decisions on budgets, client campaigns, and planning
  • Precisely measure your website visitors to uncover critical insights into their actual behavior

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Read what our delighted customers said about how our services generated more revenue, more clients, and improved their customers’ website experience.

Paul Budding
Paul Budding, RegiOnline Amsterdam
Denkt continu vanuit de eindgebruiker, is goed op de hoogte van usability, durft kritisch te zijn en weet complexe dingen opvallend eenvoudig te visualiseren. Kortom; zeer waardevol voor iedere professionele ... Verder lezen
Peter Dekker
Peter Dekker,
Marco geeft ons en onze klanten inzicht in hoe bezoekers zich op de website gedragen. Door pragmatisch naar cijfers, design en informatie-archtitectuur te kijken, worden er conversieverhoging gerealiseerd!
Ray Bryant
Ray Bryant, Bio Design International Inc. Sacremento, CA, USA
Imaga and Marco are absolute professionals. They not only understand design, everything they do is designed so support website conversion.
David Travis
David Travis, Userfocus London, UK
…a great help in walking me through the chaos that is Google Analytics. He identified a number of immediate ways to help us improve the effectiveness of our web site.
Casper Höyng
Casper Höyng, Medilex Onderwijs Zeist
Lekker pragmatische aanpak. Geen bullshit, daar hou ik van!Ik heb nu verschillende projecten met Marco gedaan. Hij levert degelijke analyses en geeft heel concrete verbeter-ideeën. Mede dankzij de ... Verder lezen
Jaap Everts
Jaap Everts, Ceress Foods Harlingen
Marco heeft een to-the-point strategie en product/service bedacht waarmee we direct aansluiting vinden bij huidige en toekomstige zakenpartners. We kwamen 'binnen'. Hij ontwierp samen met ons de strategie en ... Verder lezen
Tarek Laarif
Tarek Laarif, Staat van Creatie Leeuwarden
Hele fijne partij om mee samen te werken. Verstand van zaken en duidelijk in de communicatie. Het duidelijke inzicht in strategie en vindbaarheid geeft ons als designpartij veel houvast.

Discover Which Conversion Service Is Right For Your Business


Conversion optimization is a process. We don’t just start ‘fixing’ your website without doing the research first. Optimization starts with researching the usability of your website. Each website has unique visitors, problems and priorities.



Grow and build your business around your customers’ needs. Implement your research data into actionable strategies designed around your customers’ needs and wishes and create custom experiences.



We want your new designs to be based on customer’s insights. Your visitors must know exactly what it is they can do on your website and if that is what they are looking for. We call this Persuasive design.


Why Choose Imaga For Your Business?

We specialize in helping design- and development agencies as well as mid-size to large companies with our certified Digital Analytics and Conversion Optimization services. Decades of experience working for the world’s largest brands at agencies helps us understand your challenges.

Decades of experience, qualifications, certifications, training and research
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Year-Over-Year: Research, Strategy, Design and Build, Care For Hair B.V.

“90% of Google Analytics setups are configured incorrectly costing companies millions of revenue”

Jeff Sauer, Google Analytics Certified Partner (and IMAGA's 2018 Agency Course Coach)

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Discover Which Conversion Service Is Right For Your Business

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